buzzfeed knows me...

Confession: I'm slightly addicted to Buzzfeed quizzes. They're just fun and I send them to my roommate 90% of the time to compare answers. Especially if they involve "Which Male Celebrity is Your Soul Mate?" or "Which Item of Dessert Are You?".

But here's the thing... these two quizzes we took the other day knew both of us so well. Like, it was weird how much the answers described us. If you know me, you'll get it:

I am a very honest person, it's true. I don't like to BS. And I do what makes me happy. (The last sentences are very encouraging, thanks Buzzfeed!)

First of all, I use this phrase all the time and it's probably really annoying (sorry, world). I am enthusiastic and super supportive of my friends! (I don't know about "hitting the clubs" for Valentines Day, but for my birthday and New Year's, that was true... lots of dancing with my best girlfriends!)

Take the quizzes here and here! Maybe they'll know you in a creepy way too...

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