featured :: making the office your own

Since I've started my new job, I've felt a very strong need to put down some roots. Not only because I'm tired of switching jobs, but because I really feel at home here. And a home away from home deserves a little decorating, don't you think? :)

I'll share some pictures later when my upgrade is done, but here is where I found inspiration:

This article has so many good ideas!

I already bought this mug and I love it so much.

A great reminder for all the Beyonce lovers out there ;)

Kind of obsessed with this succulents set! It's possible they are the only plants I can't kill...

Hoping to have my little cubicle done soon! I've gotten a lot of compliments on it so far, and I have to say, my 40 hours a week feels much better in a decorated space. I enjoy coming to work and seeing my bright corner!

currently :: 002

This week's "currently" is in photos... I've been having a lot of fall moments recently! Apples and pumpkins and music, oh my!

1. A perfect strawberry, by my standards at least. My roommate is very picky about her strawberries. If it's not red all the way through, it's no good! :)
2.  Dave Barnes at The Hamilton. He's such a comedian and keeps me laughing every time I see him. The Hamilton in DC is one of my favorite places... cozy, good food, up close and personal.
3. Fall always warrants a visit to Larriland Farms for apple picking! Eating apples fresh off the tree, pulled pork sandwiches and apple cider, beautiful views and petting alpacas-- that screams fall to me!
4. Laura had visited the farm the day before and picked us a couple of pumpkins! Which means power tools, obviously. She created a daisy design by drilling holes in that pumpkin. It turned out so cute!
5 & 6. The real masterpiece... to even remotely understand our vision for this and our obsession with the buffalo, you must first watch this video:

Explains it all, right? Watch the other episodes too, you won't be sorry. Anyway, we carved a buffalo into our pumpkin and we are so happy with it. I'm sure our neighbors are super confused when they see it lit up on our porch! Side note: Laura did all the carving work. I was too nervous about messing it up, so I gladly took on the role of pumpkin gutter for both :)

I hope you're enjoying October as much as we are! (Can't believe it's almost over!)

music monday :: cloud control

You all thought I was going to say T. Swift, didn't you? ;)

The fact is that I have a case of the Mondays. A severe case... I came to work to find that my cute lunch bag had been thrown out over the weekend when someone cleaned out the refrigerator. Who throws out a perfectly good and innocent, pink and black houndstooth patterned lunch bag?! They also threw out my brand new coffee creamer that I bought last week and had labeled "DO NOT THROW OUT." Not a very good start to the work week, but music makes me forget such things.

It's been a busy day, so I don't have a review of Taylor's new album. But I have been playing a certain song by Cloud Control on repeat lately, and I wanted to share. These Australian rockers are great-- their lyrics stick out to me like a sore thumb, they have a unique vibe and a generous dose of talent in their music making. And when something like them gets stuck in my head, well... it just means they are worthy of a Music Monday post :)

"Just For Now" is the song I've got playing on repeat, but their 2013 album is just as good! 

Here's hoping they chase away your Monday blues!

handling heavy seas.

Tonight I've been thinking about how life can change in the blink of an eye. I mean, a month ago I was in a really bad, stressful work situation and had been interviewing and applying for jobs for five months straight. Then, one day, I got a new job. And life has felt a million percent better! I was able to let go of the stress and the depression and the not knowing. And that is the most relieving feeling I've had in a long time.

I guess the key is how we handle those situations. I did have many days where I let the stress overwhelm me. I had days where I was definitely not the best version of myself. There were waves crashing all over me and I couldn't stop them. But I also kept praying and hoping for the best, and I got to bond with a coworker who was right there with me. It was an awesome thing to not have to go through that experience alone. Having someone who understands is an amazing gift in a trying time, am I right? As well as having people who can just let you BE and not try to get it when they don't. That's just as helpful.

All this to say, I've been reflecting on the past month and it's taught me a lot about what to do when things get rough and how to react. I don't believe that anyone will do the right thing 100% of the time. Struggling is hard, and no one is expected to smile through it all the way. Whether it's a job, a death, a tragedy, a small disappointment, a huge mistake, or an unexpected life change, there's a lesson to learn in every situation. I really believe that. And I just wanted to share. :)

wedding in the woods

I was in a very special wedding on Sunday. My friend Jude is much more than a friend; she is my baby sister. I became a pseudo part of the Lecksell family when I met Jude's sister Cait nearly 10 years ago (!!) and we bonded over literally one day of hanging out. I came into Jude's life when she was 14 and have watched her grow up, struggle, overcome those hard teenage years, and now become a wife at 22. It's one of the sweetest moments I've ever experienced, and the love and support of her family was just so apparent on her wedding day. I love her family like my own, and I know they feel the same way about me, so being included in this wedding was incredibly personal to me. Jude, I love you, and I am so happy for you and Tyler!

Wedding hair!

Getting beautified

My other sister Cait

The dress that is SO Jude.


Our dresses are incredible, and I'm so excited to wear mine again!

Her vision couldn't have turned out better-- woods, dreamy, romantic, ethereal, vintage, fantastic.

I was standing up front, but had to share this pic from someone else. Jude and Tyler washed each other's feet as Jesus did His disciples. Perfect depiction of what love for one another means as followers of Christ.


Jude, I hope your lives are so full of joy and compassion, deep conversations and laughter, teamwork and compromise. Take each day as it comes and look to the Lord for your strength as individuals and as a couple. You two are going to be so blessed in your marriage and I will never forget being a part of it :) Love you, my sister!

a song mystery that drove me crazy...

There has been this song floating around on commercials for "The Best of Me" and it was driving me crazy until this week. I knew it was a Maroon 5 song but I couldn't figure out which one. So I figured the only solution was to listen to their latest album in its entirety.

BINGO! It's called "My Heart is Open". And it features Gwen Stefani (a match made in The Voice heaven, no doubt. Haha-- No Doubt. See what I did there?!). Check out the song, is what I'm really trying to say.

Anyway! Now that the mystery is solved, here's what I've been up to. A million hours of training for the new job, a Saturday spent watching 8+ hours of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I wish I was kidding. You think I am... I'm not. Hey, I cleaned my room and the house first, okay? I earned it. And sometimes you just need to re-live Rory's early years. (Box of shoplifted cornstarch, anyone?)

And lastly, sorry for the posting hiatus once again. I'm training all day at work and there just aren't enough hours in the day! When my schedule adjusts back to normal, you better believe I'll be blowing up your feed. :) Until then!

currently :: 001

image via weheartit

∆  getting monthly massages and feeling more relaxed.
∆  sleeping in a bit for my new job and feeling rested.
∆  enjoying getting to know my coworkers and already feeling like family.
∆  making the best vegan chili for fall! (literally everyone loves this recipe, even meat eaters.)
∆  wearing mocs & sweaters.
∆  singing as loudly as possible in the car, windows down.
∆  laughing with my roommate. it's the best. we're the best.
∆  missing my puppy a bit. does anyone really get over the death of their baby?
∆  eating a caramel apple lollipop every single day. we just ran out, so that could be a problem...
∆  re-watching all seasons of LOST. it's 12598 times more intense the second time around!
∆  eating rosemary bread from Wegman's.
∆  sleeping in all my blankets with a chill in the house. yay october!
∆  dreaming up ways to decorate my new cubicle at work. pinterest is helping...
∆  wanting to spend some time with my best friend. we're both too busy.
∆  taking life day by day and trying not to get too ahead of myself.
∆  obsessing over Inkjoy pens.
∆  trying to get back into the music writing spirit, but not much is happening.
∆  happily watching new episodes of New Girl, The Mindy Project, and Parenthood.
∆  taking walks and watching the leaves change.
∆  simply being.

what have you been up to?

sound of silence

Sorry for the quiet around here, friends. I had a week of relaxation before starting my new job today! So happy to be close to work and thankful for nice, new coworkers. 

Over the weekend, my friends had a bonfire and I insisted we make my favorite kind of s'more: BACON. If you haven't had one this way, you're missing out! It's life changing. That salty-sweet combo gets me every time.

And here's a tune to make up for the lack of posting! Two of my favorite voices. Check them out.