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<< spring is coming! hello sunshine.

>> a lot of babies are being born this week! i know of four right now.

<< our bathroom is getting demolished and i am working from home listening to it. it sounds terrifying... our smoke detector just flew off the wall and down the stairs from all the hammering. haha!

>> going to see Wicked at the Hippodrome tonight! it's one of my favorite shows musically, but i've never actually seen it! so it's an epic night for me.

<< getting equally excited and nervous to cut my hair in a couple of weeks. i'm doing my usual hair donation but this time keeping it shorter and maintaining with a little bit of color! (eek!)

>> had an awful stomach bug on saturday that completely destroyed me. i'm still not eating enough and have no desire to eat anything but healthy food. just the thought of junk food is too much. i guess that's a good thing? it was like a cleanse. a terrible, sickening, disgusting cleanse.

<< excited to go to Laura's mom's house for Easter. we are going to lounge around and do nothing. and make her family's traditional cake that looks like a lamb. my cake decorating skills are going to be interesting!

>> i got to go to my friend's wedding dress fitting the other day, and it made me so excited for her wedding. i can't wait! i love being a part of my friends' special days.

<< confession: i think the kardashians are hilarious. i'm watching an episode where bruce comes to pick up kris for a doctor's appointment and she is wearing a Yeezus Tour jacket and he thinks it says "Jesus" and is super confused about it. lol

>> the lavender-vanilla latte from Atwater's is so good.

<< our Hawaii trip is happening in a month and eight days! AHHH! we just made a reservation to zip line and it's going to be so cool. i'll probably scream the whole time like i do on roller coasters, even though i like them.

>> seeing Good Old War tomorrow and it's going to be amazing. every time i see them, i leave feeling so wonderful.

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