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That phrase is something Laura and I have started saying regularly... and often in a silly way just to laugh ("burritos, am i right?!"). If nothing else, it puts a bright spot in the day. Say it to yourself today, I guarantee it will make you feel better!

In other news. change is my middle name these days. It's basically covering all the bases of my life: 

1. Home: Laura went and got herself a boyfriend! He's great and nice and I was already friends with him, so I approve. So excited for them! Heart eyes for days.

 2. Work: I am switching teams at work. At first I was not particularly thrilled seeing as this is the first time in a year that I've actually enjoyed my job and I finally have a decent manager, but then she told us she was leaving the team too, so... bring it on.

 3. Church: We made the announcement yesterday that my church is closing its doors at the end of September. This is necessary but really not the easiest thing. I've been the worship leader there for the past five years. I will miss my team and the community.

4.  Friends: A lot of my friends are moving away. Texas, England, Hawaii... I'm happy for all of their exciting opportunities but why do they all have to leave me?!

They say life is never-ending learning experience... I'm certainly being tested on that lately. 

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