Hot August

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Life is an ever-eventful thing, don't you think? There hasn't been a boring moment for me yet this summer. I've had beach trips and brunches, trips to my childhood county fair and concerts, the most recent of which was Saturday (see picture above). I've been going to the Hot August Music Festival for four years now, and it's always a musician's dream. I've been getting my fill of Chris Thile with Nickel Creek being there last year and Punch Brothers this year. But the gem of the night was seeing Counting Crows for (I think) the sixth time. I was there with my friend Meghan, who I used to see CC with every summer for a long while, so that was very special for us. To top it off, Meghan's friend was washing his hands in the bathroom with Adam right next to him... and unfortunately he said that Adam was kind of a grump. But after the show started he seemed to loosen up a bit after almost dropping the mic on his face while holding the stand up in the air. (He caught it and kept singing like magic, don't worry.) We had the most amazing time, despite the sun being so hot and me sliding/falling down a small hill at one point because grass + my flip flops didn't do me any favors. If you're in the Baltimore-ish area, I highly recommend this festival every summer! Amazing music, food, drinks, and friends.

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