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1.  a friend bought me this! best surprise.

2. it's a month filled with both birth and death, which has been strange. my friend ashley gave birth to her first beautiful baby boy this week. i also had to attend a memorial service for my friend's mom, who will be greatly missed. happy + sad extremes.

3. i need to get cracking on christmas shopping. every year i wait until black friday/cyber monday and do it all at once (because hello, deals). but then i get calls from my credit card company asking me if i've had my identity stolen because who would spend $300 on Old Navy sweaters? yeahhhh.

4.  every few months i have a dinner date with a good friend that i don't see super often. we always go to Bonefish and stay there until like 11 PM. i am so looking forward to that. there's nothing like a good, long chat with your girlfriends.

5. can someone explain this november weather to me? sometimes it's warm, sometimes it's so not. HELP.

6.  a PSA to everyone who cares about the Starbucks cups: you need to find a hobby or something.

7.  my favorite coffee shop has this maple latte that is soooo good. they make up special drinks every month and they are always delicious. plus every time i'm at the register, i'm tempted to buy a bacon-filled chocolate bar. WIN.

8. speaking of maple flavors-- these KIND bars. yum!

9. i need boots. specifically, black-maybe suede-everyday-casual but cute-can go with a lot of things boots. (i'm starting to understand why men think we are complicated.)

10. my favorite book has been made into a movie. i am scared to see it... after reading this book countless times over the past 14 years (woah), i have such a clear vision of the characters as i see them in my mind. the movie will probably ruin that. side note: i have read all of her novels and she is my favorite. give it a try! (start with the Big Stone Gap series.)

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