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This is a hot topic in the blog world right now, and has been for some time. So I know I'm not touching on anything new, but it's new for me. I haven't cared to jump on the "all natural everything" train-- I've tried a few products here and there, but they left me dissatisfied. My face is usually only prone to breakouts during hormonal times. Basically, I didn't think I needed to go all natural because I don't have any major issues to combat (such a cystic acne) and I don't feel especially passionate about it.

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I started thinking about it when I saw this Instagram from @brilamkin four weeks ago (her blog is Nice & Quiet). Bri is very honest about the products she's using and what works for her. I know that if she is into something, it's at least worth a try. So when she was talking about Crude's cleansing oil and how well it worked for her, I wanted to give it a shot. I did some research on the company and liked that it was developed by an esthetician (fun fact, it's the sister of Michelle Money from The Bachelor!) who was trying to find the best blend of oils for her own personal skin. Obviously, everyone's skin reacts differently to oils; some people can use coconut with no problem, and others use jojoba, olive oil, etc. After scrolling through Crude's Instagram, I began to see a lot of rave reviews for their Everything Oil: a blend of different all natural oils. Not just for chronic acne sufferers, although their results were super impressive, but for all skin types. I decided to order their Starter Kit and give it a try. 

True story: I am HOOKED. I am so in love with this process. Using the oil not only gets makeup off easily, but it makes face cleansing so much easier, at least for me! I like that I am not splashing water all over my face and my bathroom sink anymore. I massage the oil in slowly and then use Crude's PULL cloths to get all the debris out of my pores. When I started using it, I had been broken out a bit and the oil helped clear it up faster than usual. Plus, my skin feels nice all the time. I was used to my skin feeling good only after using a mask or getting a facial! I have even stopped wearing foundation to work because it looks and feels so smooth. On the flip side, I just had a major bachelorette weekend and piled on the makeup to go out-- and my face still felt awesome because my skin has become softer and smoother overall. My foundation went on much better than it usually does.

The starter kit also comes with their Detox mask, which is simply French green clay and matcha green tea. I will say the formula is a little annoying-- it's a powder and you mix water into it to create the mask. I get it all over my bathroom counter because it's messy like that. It does cleanse deeply, though. I have to watch how long I leave it on because it can dry me out. Not sure I would order it again because it's not fun for me to mix together, but it's effective. I also tried the Bloom oil after reading about how much people love it. That's more of a serum to moisturize, which my face definitely needs more of in the winter months! I use it after I cleanse with Everything Oil, and it keeps my face feeling smooth and hydrated. However, I am a fan of cream formulas for moisturizer, so at Crude's own recommendation, I've ordered Fat and the Moon's All Cream to try. I'll update soon on that one when I get it! If that works for me, I probably won't order Bloom again after it's used up because of the price tag.

I wanted to share what has been working for me, especially since I am not typically one to jump on the all natural bandwagon. I have been surprised every step of the way that I actually like these products and am throwing out all my old ones (I even finished up my Philosophy face wash that I said I loved in my last beauty post, and can't bring myself to repurchase after using the Crude oil). And while the products are more expensive, they are saving me money by finding what works for me and sticking to it instead of having to buy different things all the time. Skin care can be an investment, but it's your body! Caring for that (as long as the product works) makes it worth it to me. Everything Oil is a winner that I think will be in my bathroom for a long time to come.

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