Behold, the best birthday present in all the land! My best friend Alicia got it for me. She knows me so well. (I secretly wish boom boxes were still popular.)

I'm 29 today. And apart from a few tears shed last night in a moment of panic while watching Shark Tank and Call the Midwives with my roommate, I feel pretty okay about it. I am excited to celebrate with my closest friends this weekend (and my sister!). I am thankful that my mom is doing okay and still with me. I feel lucky to have so many friends text me and Facebook me their well wishes. They really do love me! And I love them. I had a conversation with my good friend Elizabeth today that went like this:

E: I am so glad to have you in my life. And I plan on having you in it for the next 29 years... And beyond
S: Same! Don't ever leave me ;)
E: Never!


 Here's a funny thing: I have had a tradition for the past 4+ years of taking off work on my birthday. This year, I thought about it and realized the only reason I ever took off was because I hated the jobs I had before this one. My birthday used to be the perfect excuse to not come into the office. But this year is so beautifully different. I like my job. My work is meaningful, and I have a great team of people. I wanted to come in today. What a good feeling.

And tonight's birthday dinner shall be Steak 'n' Shake! They just opened one near us. I haven't had their food since I was in Florida a few years ago. It's Laura's favorite (midwestern girl, you know) and I am excited for us to go tonight for the first time in forever.

29, you are not so bad.

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