shake it off

Finally, seven months later, Laura got her Christmas present from me. T Swift came to town! It was fun, it was fabulous, it was amazing, it was a dance party. 

Excuse the quality of these pictures. I can't afford to be front row, you know.

Vance Joy was there too. He was great and cute. And Australian.

And Haim! I do love these girls. I first saw them open for Of Monsters and Men (I think) and fell in love. Nobody rocks like they do. Seriously, as an all-girl sister band in the rock genre-- they're kicking ass.

I'm sure you've heard of the wristbands they've been giving out with Taylor's shows. They light up to the beat of the songs and it was awesome when they first started activating.

On the way to the show, Laura and I kept debating which surprise celebrity would show up. After throwing around about a million names, I told Laura my gut felt like it would be Lorde. And my gut was right!

It was so much fun and I'm glad we got to go. She really does put on a great show and we danced and sang and laughed. Good times for a Monday!

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