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I am such a foodie at heart. For real. I looooove food. I praise the Lord every day for good genetics and minimal gym time. The only time I hate food is after the stomach flu, which has occurred twice in the past two years. One of those times was on my friend's wedding day and it sucked.

Anyway. FOOD!

There are so many things I want to try this year after I turn 29. I think everyone has their go-to's and those are hard to get away from. I will most likely choose a specialty grilled cheese 98% of the time. And Laura gets grossed out by all the weirdo stuff I like to try (squid ink pasta, YUM). Here are some things on my list (food + places):

1. Chicken & waffles
2. Steak 'n' Shake (I have only had it once but I need it again)
3.  More authentic ramen
4. Fried green tomatoes
5. Bagel & lox
6. Woodberry Kitchen
7. Cold soup (like cucumber)
8. Croque-madame (or I'd settle for a croque-monsieur)
9. Many different kinds of mustard (never ketchup for this girl)
10. Lamb (sorry, little sheeps)
11. Quail egg
12. Bone marrow (yes, sounds disgusting but lots of people like it)
13. Fried pickles
14. Frog legs
15. Lobster roll
16.  Bánh mì

To name a few. We'll see how far I get. Half the problem is finding someone to go eat all of this with...

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