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:: crazy excitement for spring. winter has been so very long.
:: going to see Twin Forks tonight. And to berate Chris Carabba with a story about how we have a mutual friend and we were supposed to hang out with Chris the last time we were in Florida but he was covered in bee stings (true).
:: dealing with my mother's issues.
:: coffee date Saturday morning, Shake Shack plans Saturday night. my kind of day!
:: apparently we need to start watching Dig, according to my roommate's mom.
:: i'm just going to accept the fact that my closet will never be uncluttered.
:: i got to visit with a friend from England that i love and miss! 
:: 10 years late, i started watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. of course i love it, and wish i had started a decade ago.
:: loved having a mid-morning coffee date with my friend Sarah when i was working from home this week. Atwater's is my new go-to. 
:: trying to spend more time praying and less time worrying. it's funny how the bible says "do not worry", yet that feeling is something that we will always have inside of us as humans. there's no getting rid of it, but we can contain it.

And lastly:

Laura and i had a field day with this one. we said we are going to start a revolution and call it CDFA-- Casual Dating for All ;) our motto is "Date whoever you want, whenever you want." mission statement: "CDFA strives to start the walk toward marriage by, you know, dating people." We joke, but really, there is such a weird stigma in Christian churches about dating and the "right" way to do it. i personally know people who are so focused on marriage and meeting the right person that they lose out on relationships because of pressure. pressure that the church puts on them, and that they put on themselves. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: dating is not a sin, and dating is the only way you will find out if you are compatible enough with a person for marriage. let marriage be your goal, not your obsession and immediate "make it or break it". also, guys of the church who are almost 30: stop dating 20 year olds. it's not easy for us single 28-ers to watch you do that. at least we solved the mystery of why there are no single guys, though...

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