music monday :: bri lamkin

I've been a fan of Bri Lamkin's blog for a long time now (both her old and current one). She is honest, real, and hilarious. She's the type of girl you'd like to be friends with in real life, you know? Well, we are not real life friends, but I already feel like I adore her. She has a sense of humor, is Aubrey Plaza's twin, and talks openly and poignantly about important issues. 

But the one thing I love her for most is the beautiful music she creates. Her YouTube channel is amazing, Whether she is playing music by herself, with her sisters, or covering songs we know and love, she brings such a unique quality. Her voice is angelic, and though she is often armed with only a ukulele, she can fill up a room with her quiet demeanor and mystical tone. Add in her younger sisters, and you have one of the most magical trios I've heard in a long time. These girls are still young but have voices beyond their years. There is something very special about the way their three voices combine. Also, Bri's writing is as gorgeous as her vocals. The first time I heard "Someone New", I couldn't get it out of my head for days.

Also, her vlogs are hilarious and I love them. I quote: "Dried cranberries are nature's fruit snacks... but raisins can go to hell" haha! (Also, pretty true.) So yeah, you should find that on her YouTube.
Quite simply, she's lovely and you should read her blog and listen to her music. You don't want to miss out on this. Check out her Soundcloud as well as her YouTube.

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