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It's been a while since I've listened to Milo Greene, but when my friend Meghan invited me to go to their show this Sunday, I knew I had to. Let's just get something out of the way: Milo Greene is not named after a person in the band ;) They came up with the fictional name Milo Greene as a fake booking agent, a persona created by the band to help them get gigs in their starting days. They're cheeky like that!

I always have a soft spot for bands that are mostly guys and one girl. I enjoy being that girl, it's fun! I'm excited to see Marlana sing her heart out surrounded by some of her best guy friends. It takes a strong girl to tour in a band full of dudes. Besides that, I like how every member of the band sings and plays instruments. I've seen a few bands where the girl in particular will be the only one singing and she doesn't play anything. I love the band's dynamic as a whole-- sharing vocals, mixing harmonies, playing all together. They truly share the stage; no one outshines or dominates the others. It's special, and I can't wait to experience it in person!

Check out their new album as well as their older music, it's so good! If you're in the DC area, tickets are still available here.

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