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The playlist these days:

I've been loving All Sons and Daughters' 2014 album, as well as my old favorites. They have such a way of speaking truth through their songs and bringing me into a spirit of worship. 

I'm sure you've heard Walk the Moon's new single, "Shut Up and Dance"... it's so fun and my roommate and I are obsessed with it. The rest of their music is good too, so make sure to listen to the other tracks!

I've posted about Milo Greene's "Control" already, but it's worth repeating. Can't wait for this show on Sunday!

I've listened to Caroline's music as The Red Headed Indian since I was told to by a friend who knows her. He was right-- this girl brings some serious talent and passion when she plays.

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Kate Nash is a character. I love to listen to her when I need to cheer up... her music is so unique... silly but she takes seriously, wild but she contains it. Just let yourself run away with it, she's crazy in the best way.

Happy Thursday! xo

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