hey, hi, hello

In case you were wondering, here's what I've been up to lately:

1. Still trying to get through Grey's Anatomy for the first time on Netflix. Currently on season 8... it's happening!

2. You know life is good when you are forced to plan time to pick up a book at the library and get your car's oil changed because you are so busy.

3.  Speaking of busy: I have a get together tonight with some of my best friends, then a beer festival Saturday with the girls, which I am so excited for. And a sleepover! I love that I can still do that even at 28.(Or maybe I'm just lame. If that's the case, I don't want to know.)

4. I visited a friend yesterday and held her sweet newborn baby girl... I will never get tired of holding my friends' babies. Ever.

5. I'm going "camping" (I use that term loosely) next weekend at Assateague, and upon texting what I need to bring with my roommate, I said, "My essentials are more like a melted pint of Ben & Jerry's and a giant inner tube painted like a donut." Truer words have never been spoken:

I rest my case.

6.  I'm learning some fun songs on my ukelele. The good news is that it sounds great! The bad news is that I only play in one key because my voice happens to love it. So... get ready to hear a lot of C F Am G. And possibly some Ke$ha.

7. I think my appreciation of the man bun is turning into an obsession. I see them EVERYWHERE. But I'm not complaining!

8. I miss Hawaii.

9. I've been listening to Bad Blood on a loop. I finally watched the video and I felt like the whole entire thing was just introductions of characters and by the end, I had no idea how they all connected. Are some heroes? Are some villians? Doesn't that black leather get uncomfortable while you're doing karate moves? And who came up with all those names? (I'm sure Taylor did.)

10. Finally, music. These are the two I've been playing a ton in the car... windows down, volume way too loud and obnoxious:

I've always loved Gucci Gucci since my friend Sarah played it for me and I thought it was hilarious. Some might say I have terrible taste in music based on these two songs, but I love them and I regret nothing!

Have a good weekend!

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