Clark Beckham InstaGems

If you guys watched this season of American Idol, you know who Clark Beckham is. If you didn't, observe.

I'm not normally an avid AI viewer. I used to watch when I was in high school, of course, but as the years went on I just kind of ignored it. But Laura still watches, and it just so happens that Clark was on it and he is the best. This kid is too good for American Idol, if we want to get real about it. Hear for yourself:

ANYWAY. The point of this is not only to tell you how great he is, but to give you insight to the crazies out there who follow Clark on Instagram and blow up his feed with thousands of weird and generally WTF comments. The first time I read some of them, Laura was working on our bathroom remodel and I was lounging on our stairs. We basically stopped breathing because we were laughing so hard. Thus, "Clark Beckham InstaGems" was born! I started sending them to Laura at work and they have made our lives so much richer. #blessed

I realize that I should have shared these when the show was actually on, but some of the best ones have come about after the fact. But let's get back to basics.... here are Rounds 1 & 2 of InstaGems, as dug up from the depths of my work email "Deleted Items" folder! (With my notes in brackets for reference.)

Round 1:

 You are grear [not "great"... also, with heart eyes emojis]

You sure got some good kissing lips boy

Ur too cool BRUH hahahaha

I literally beg you to see my video

@clarkbeckham must be constipated or something...

This gives me life

I felt really excited when I heard Taking It to the Streets at this fudge place because I knew the words to an 80's song because I listened to your performance of that song like a million times [most importantly: did he get fudge at the fudge place?! I need to know!]

You're adorkable, lol!

Dat sharp 11 doe! Dang. [um, what?]

Round 2:

Don't get naked Clark

CLARK ILYILYILYILYILYILY [IYL = i love you, in case you didn't go to middle school]

My love Clark, I hope you win. End of story.

PUNCH ME CLARK [possibly my favorite comment of all time]


clark let's somehow trade eyes. for real though

I think you are the third best white male American Idol contestant after Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken

God bless your parents they have created a masterpiece [hahahaha]

And a personal favorite for me and Laura:

I'm 9 1/2 months pregnant and now wishing you were the baby daddy. Jk I love my husband.


More to come! Stick around and check back for more InstaGems. The best is yet to come, I promise :)

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