2015 so far.

I have some thoughts for you, 2015. First of all, you got crazy riiiiiight at the end of December just in time for me to have a stressful start of the year. Not cool. But also, you made me organize my bedroom, so I feel more relaxed. You win some, you lose some.

You also allowed me to spend New Year's Eve with my best friend. That was amazing and I loved it. We don't get to hang out as often as I want to, so that was lovely. Drinks, dancing and telling a hundred men "go away, she's married" was a fun night out. ;)


You blessed me with a roommate brunch date... a miracle, seeing as Laura never wants to go! She finally agreed. I will never say no to brunch. Laura will never say no to staying in sweatpants and watching Boy Meets World reruns. (But really, who can blame her?) We went to Papermoon and it was so good.

I got this baby Crockpot from my best friend for Christmas. It's so cute! I eat nothing but soup for months when it's cold, so this is very handy. I used it at my desk today for lunch and I loved not having to get up (#lazy) and talk to randoms awkwardly in the office kitchen. Plus, I wrapped my frigid hands around it and it helped me defrost.

Oh, and if you could be less insanely freezing, 2015, I would love that. I'm dreaming of taking a vacation anywhere above 18 degrees.

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