weekending & tunes.

Happy Monday, friends! It's rainy and cold and I despise coming to work on mornings like this, but eh. What can you do? I just found out that my office is closed for MLK day next week, which I had completely forgotten about. So I'm slightly happier than I was a few minutes ago.

This week is brought to you by Friday night's festivities in which my friend got a huge bottle of Crispin without knowing it was going to be a huge bottle of Crispin. Naturally, we handled the situation:

Let me pose a very important question: is there anything better than watching a pup go through the stages of falling asleep while draped on your legs and you're shouting at the Ravens game in hysterics? If you answered "no", you are correct!

^ He kills me. <3

So, music. Two categories today: Jam & Sentiment.This is currently my jam:

And this one, which is basically the opposite of the other and is an old favorite. I recorded a version of this with my dear friend Lauren years ago, and I still dig it up every now and again to reminisce.

This is the stuff rainy days are made of!

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