music monday :: Mae throwback

Few things excite me more than when bands do 10-year reunion shows or anniversaries of their best album. I went to the Swiss Army Romance 10-year show a few years back and it was amazing. Something about hearing an album start to finish in person makes my heart jump.

Mae is one of those bands that gives me a lot of nostalgia. Walking across campus with my headphones in. Belting out The Everglow in the car. Wearing their t-shirt and finding out that a random stranger loves them too. And they always make me think of my good friend Dan... that makes me smile.

So when the band announced they were doing a 10-year reunion tour for The Everglow, I had to go. I can't believe I hadn't seen them before this. They came to my college once, but I was away that weekend and so mad about it. Luckily, my partner in crime Elizabeth loves them too, so we went out on a rainy Sunday night for sushi and some memories.

I loved singing the album that I've sung hundreds of times on my own in person with them. We were at  Baltimore Soundstage, so it was a small venue and not crowded, which made it even better. It was really personal. And you can tell that even 10 years later, these guys love what they do and so appreciate that people listen. When you make an album like that, you have no clue if people are going to love it, hate it, or feel indifferent. But the response was amazing, and the fact that they realize that and don't take it for granted adds something to the whole experience. I love when bands are outwardly appreciative and tell you how much it means that you enjoy their music.

Here's my favorite if you've never heard them before:

A side note: Mike Mains & The Branches opened, and they were excellent as well. We chatted with the lead singer for a bit and he was super nice. I hope to see them again-- check out their stuff! 

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