a list for 2015

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I'm not one to make New Year's resolutions, since I believe that we should be striving to be our best selves throughout the year and not just at the end of it. But I do like making lists (as you guys well know), and I like fun things. Here's to 2015!

1. try chicken + waffles, finally. 
2. give in to a friend's constant request to eat at Honey Pig late at night.
3. be more intentional about photo taking.
4. don't hesitate to see good musicians if i get the chance.
5. get really good at ukelele, and write some new songs on it.
6. diligently save money and build up some real savings.
7. start using my Instax camera again.
8. wear my jewelry more often.
9. read [or start reading] at least one book a week.
10. invest in some stationery, and write letters and notes to family + friends.

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