camping at assateague + mumford

It's been a super busy few weeks. Last weekend I went on a camping trip to Assateague. This is a trip that has happened for the last six years, and it's planned by my roommate, but I could never go! Between the years of wedding celebrations and just overall having plans in place, I've had to miss it. This year everyone insisted I put it on my calendar months in advance, so with that and some declined invitations, I was set to go. And I'm glad I did... this is not your average camping trip! This is 36 people, beach, campfires, thunderstorms, tons of food, secret sangria, hiding in a tent drinking wine, etc. It was awesome. Not to mention the wild horses are always part of the fun!

Flamingo bikinis!

 Love these girls.

 Dance party in a rainstorm. My stuff got flooded in the tent, but oh well. 

And Wednesday night, I saw Mumford & Sons again. They are always such a dream to see live. Marcus Mumford's voice is CRAZY. How does he give it so much power and still have any voice left?! One of life's greatest mysteries. Pictures aren't the greatest because we were on the lawn, but it was fun. Also, it was in celebration of my friend Meghan's birthday. So it was even better!

 I tend to ignore outrageous concert prices and drink ALL THE THINGS. This blueberry vodka lemonade was so worth it.

Last night my soul sister Jude texted me trying to get rid of Lana Del Ray tickets... and I was oh so tempted. But it was at the last minute, an hour away, and a weeknight when everyone is busy. I tried not to feel lame for saying no... but the feeling still haunts me. 

One more thing. My high school band director is retiring after 41 years! Click the link for the article the Baltimore Sun wrote about him. Before you go off on a "nerd alert" tangent... this man is incredible. He is the best, not in a biased way, but in an "every Maryland band director wants to know him and be him" way. I played flute for 10 years, and four of those years were under him. He is a tough director and challenged me in the biggest ways. My courage to perform music in front of others and my love for classical comes from the music I played with him. Some of my favorite memories are winning championships, taking trips with the band every year, and football game halftime shows with the marching unit. Tonight kicks off his weekend-long celebration and I am so happy to be able to go, give him a hug, and see fellow alumni. I'm so proud to have been a part of this band and to have been influenced by his talent. There's no one better.

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