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I'm not normally a person who wins things. Half the time I don't enter contests because the odds are not ever in my favor. I don't get the ticket-winning gene from my dad (who spends a lot of time calling into radio stations, but also spends a lot of time enjoying country concerts and flying to the iHeart Music Festival in Miami). It's safe to say that I don't care enough to put effort into winning things :)

My friend/old roommate Twila moved to Arlington, VA recently, and found this new shop in Alexandria. A notification popped up on my Instagram telling me she had tagged me in a random drawing to win $25 from the shop. We actually won! I was so excited to actually win something, I forgot to check out what the shop was all about.

Curated is a brand new shop in the heart of Old Town Alexandria-- so new, in fact, that they weren't even open yet when I won the contest! They kept my interest as I browsed through their Instagram, though. So may cute things I wanted to snatch up! I just had to be patient and wait. But the owner, Page, was great about emailing me and making sure I wasn't forgotten. And since I'm not local to VA, she sent me a code once the online store opened to use for my $25 credit.

They have a beautiful selection of items, and I highly recommend checking them out if you need a gift for a girlfriend or just to treat yourself! I walked away with this mug and this journal, and I'm so excited for them to arrive in the mail. Sometimes it's just nice to get a little something for yourself that makes you feel good! Head over to Curated before everything sells-- I have a feeling it will go quickly!

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