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The first time I ever heard about The Weepies, I was in college going to a show at World Cafe Live to see Teitur (so many hyperlinks in one sentence!). Teitur was playing downstairs and my friend Bryan, who was the musical genius of my friends, saw that The Weepies were playing upstairs and commented on it. After that, I became obsessed with their music and to this day I wish I could have gone upstairs to see them! They've been around for a while and have such a cool story. Finally, the day has come! I am seeing them tonight at Ram's Head On Stage, which is pretty much perfection as it is one of the more intimate venues in the area. It's one of my favorites and I'm so excited to finally see two of my favorite people perform live. They bring such a unique writing and vocal style to the table. (If you've heard Deb Talan sing, you will be as intrigued as me to hear her speaking voice! Haha.) PS - they basically have my dream story. They liked each other's music, met, formed the band, ended up getting married and now have three kids. 

They just released a new album this year, and it's so good. Here's one of my favorites.

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