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lots of things happening in life lately:

< thunderstorms. particularly one that i drove thorough that felt like a scene from Twister.
> $6.50 movies on Tuesdays. one of the best kept secrets in this town.
< plans on plans on plans on plans. so many plans.
> no sleeping. that's definitely not happening!
< buying my friends baby shower gifts. two of them are getting ready to have babies soon!
> watching Jurassic Park and kind of wishing that was real... without being eaten by a dino. also, when i was in Hawaii, we boat-toured around the Na Pali coast where it was filmed. awesome.
< looking forward to some traveling: Philly, the beach, and Vegas are coming up.
> sending Laura tons of Buzzfeeds that make me think of her. that site is such a timesuck.
< dealing with some rough things and choices to make, but weathering the storm as best i know how. 
>  feeling very thankful for a job that i like going to every day and coworkers who i am getting to know better.
< playing around with some covers-- Elastic Heart is my new favorite. (listen on my Instagram!)
> visiting my best friend Dan, my godson, and his new baby brother. holding my friend's babies never gets old.
< spending too much money these days. i always have a month once in a blue moon where i just keep buying things. they are things i will use and like, but it's still a bad habit!
> speaking of... in love with my latest Kate Spade. no regrets.i also got it for less than it's showing now!
< i rearranged my room last week. it feels so refreshing. i brought my desk up from the basement because my gorgeous iMac wasn't getting any love with nowhere to put it. i'm proud of moving it all by myself, but the bruises on my legs and arms aren't so pretty.
> the bikini top struggle is real. A-club for life and it's equal parts great and terrible.
< bonfires out in farmland at Brooke and Bob's. their goats always greet me and i love it.
> watching all the season 4 episodes of The Hills before they disappear from MTV OnDemand. (it's time well spent, trust me.)
< when i feel strongly that i need a puppy, i go here and play with them. my friend's sister is the manager, so that helps!

until next time!

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