a mid-week recap.

I am totally in the middle of a chaotic week over here! You'll have to forgive the blogging hiatus -- I am going to an interview straight from work today, then a dinner with my band folks, then playing an open mic with my friend Brooke. Tomorrow I head from work to my friend Elizabeth's to see an amazing show that will blow your mind (more on that later!). And Friday morning, it's off to the beach bright and early for my friend Tricia's bachelorette weekend. So I guess I'll be back after that :) In the meantime, enjoy what's been happening in my life lately:

my good friends Brooke and Bob got a couple of goats!!

their names are Nick Miller and Moxie Crimefighter.

loving this Old Bay brew from Flying Dog. i'm a Maryland girl forever.

i paid off my car five months early (!!) it feels great.

the most lovely ladies in my life -- out for my birthday :)

i shared a creme brulee with my friend Sarah for our birthdays!

... and a watermelon martini. amazing.

i got this sassy cross-stitch for my friend Sarah's birthday from Alison. check out her shop, she's amazing!

Talk to you guys next week!

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