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Warning: this is a birthday post. I don't turn 28 until July 9, but I've been doing some deep thinking about some things I'd like to be proactive about in the upcoming year. So here is my list of 28 things to do while I'm 28.

28 in 28

1. Travel outside the country. (I haven't done that in years).
2. Visit a friend or relative who moved away. (Basically, my friend Emily and my brother.)
3. Find a job I'm passionate about that makes me happy.
4. Try something outdoorsy that I normally wouldn't.
5. Host and cook a dinner for friends.
6. Volunteer somewhere.
7. Give blood, even though I'm terrified of it. (My dad has done it 34985947 times.)
8. Donate to one new charity.
9. Write music again.
10. Live the dream of starting a cover band with Bob & Brooke.
11. Make my own popsicles.
12. Rearrange and redecorate my space. (Not Myspace... my bedroom. This isn't 1999.)
13. Stop biting my nails once and for all.
14. Learn a new instrument.
15. Go to the aquarium. (So expensive, but I love marine life.)
16. Make paying off loans a priority.
17. Spend more time with my sister.
18. Buy a plant and keep it alive for more than a month.
19. Try new food and drinks at restaurants.
20. Get a pet. (Okay, I don't have real control over this one since I'm renting from Laura. But maybe this will be the year I convince her to get a dog!)
21. Get a gel manicure. (Dumb and I feel like it won't last on my guitar playing fingers, but I should try.)
22. Encourage my co-workers.
23. Go out to a fancy dinner just for the heck of it. (Melting Pot probably, since I still haven't been.)
24. Mail surprise notes to friends.
25. Read more books, watch less TV.
26. Remind myself daily that perfection is not a requirement for a full life.
27. Pay for someone's drive thru meal.
28. Enjoy the best moments, embrace my mistakes, and learn some lessons.

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