the talk :: another year.

Today, I’ve got nothing rolling around in this brain of mine except that this is the last day of my 27-year-old life. AGHHHH. Seriously, I remember turning 25 and wishing I could stop aging! I called it my quarter life crisis. I love my twenties with all my heart. I hope to carry the mentality of my twenties into my thirties. But I know at some point, I will no longer be considered “young.” And that stresses me out.
I feel lucky to know a lot of women who are not young by age, but still live their lives with so much fun and friendship. That’s all I can hope for, really. I want to keep my amazing friends and continue to have a good time. I know that things will change and become different than they are now. I don’t know what is in store for me – trust me, it’s a complete mystery. I haven’t even settled into a job I’m happy with yet, much less the rest of my life. But as Bob Dylan said, “the times, they are a-changin’”.

I know these times I speak of are wayyyy down the road, and I’m only turning 28 tomorrow. There’s nothing to freak out over just yet. But as each year passes (quickly, I might add), I am trying to account for each day and be able to look back on my previous years as good times. I don’t want to waste them. The bigger part of this is being a single woman… it’s a wonderful, often downplayed thing. While there’s nothing going on in that department right now, I know that one day I won’t be able to call myself single anymore. Even though my life will take on something exciting and awesome, I will miss the single days of doing everything on my terms and being completely selfish. :) I enjoy scheduling my time however I want and not having to ask anyone for their opinion unless I want it. I am fiercely independent, and I might have a hard time letting go of that. But until that part of me is gone, I will continue to embrace it.

So here’s to another year, more adventures, less sadness & more happiness, finding joy in the little things, and memories with the great people in my life. I’m (almost) ready for you, 28.

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