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This has been one of those weeks where I wish I was on a week-long vacation at the beach. Instead, I"m in the office trying to push deadline projects out the door and sitting in a million meetings-- not to mention having no time to blog! Here's what I've been up to lately:

 I have switched to natural cleansers and shampoos, just to try it out. I'm using the Yes to Carrots brand and so far, it's good!
 I haven't been getting enough sleep... there are definitely not enough hours in a day.
 I started bringing Belvita breakfast biscuits to work (alliteration!), and they've been a good alternative when I run out of food or don't make anything. Because #lazy. Just letting all of you other early morning people know :)
 My friend Aaron was a second shooter for the wedding this past weekend, and he has a loooooot of incriminating photos of me. Let's just say that it's impossible to make a normal face when you are dancing. He was passing his phone around at band practice last night and no amount of money or threats will make him delete them. 
 So many birthdays this month! I can't keep up.
 When you see me with Starbucks in the morning, there are only two options. I'm either dead tired, or I'm treating myself.
 I went to Mission BBQ for the second time in my life and re-confessed my love for pulled pork and Old Bay BBQ sauce.

And in the spirit of Nigel Lythgoe... "CUE MUSIC!"

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