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This week's "currently" is in photos... I've been having a lot of fall moments recently! Apples and pumpkins and music, oh my!

1. A perfect strawberry, by my standards at least. My roommate is very picky about her strawberries. If it's not red all the way through, it's no good! :)
2.  Dave Barnes at The Hamilton. He's such a comedian and keeps me laughing every time I see him. The Hamilton in DC is one of my favorite places... cozy, good food, up close and personal.
3. Fall always warrants a visit to Larriland Farms for apple picking! Eating apples fresh off the tree, pulled pork sandwiches and apple cider, beautiful views and petting alpacas-- that screams fall to me!
4. Laura had visited the farm the day before and picked us a couple of pumpkins! Which means power tools, obviously. She created a daisy design by drilling holes in that pumpkin. It turned out so cute!
5 & 6. The real masterpiece... to even remotely understand our vision for this and our obsession with the buffalo, you must first watch this video:

Explains it all, right? Watch the other episodes too, you won't be sorry. Anyway, we carved a buffalo into our pumpkin and we are so happy with it. I'm sure our neighbors are super confused when they see it lit up on our porch! Side note: Laura did all the carving work. I was too nervous about messing it up, so I gladly took on the role of pumpkin gutter for both :)

I hope you're enjoying October as much as we are! (Can't believe it's almost over!)

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