wedding in the woods

I was in a very special wedding on Sunday. My friend Jude is much more than a friend; she is my baby sister. I became a pseudo part of the Lecksell family when I met Jude's sister Cait nearly 10 years ago (!!) and we bonded over literally one day of hanging out. I came into Jude's life when she was 14 and have watched her grow up, struggle, overcome those hard teenage years, and now become a wife at 22. It's one of the sweetest moments I've ever experienced, and the love and support of her family was just so apparent on her wedding day. I love her family like my own, and I know they feel the same way about me, so being included in this wedding was incredibly personal to me. Jude, I love you, and I am so happy for you and Tyler!

Wedding hair!

Getting beautified

My other sister Cait

The dress that is SO Jude.


Our dresses are incredible, and I'm so excited to wear mine again!

Her vision couldn't have turned out better-- woods, dreamy, romantic, ethereal, vintage, fantastic.

I was standing up front, but had to share this pic from someone else. Jude and Tyler washed each other's feet as Jesus did His disciples. Perfect depiction of what love for one another means as followers of Christ.


Jude, I hope your lives are so full of joy and compassion, deep conversations and laughter, teamwork and compromise. Take each day as it comes and look to the Lord for your strength as individuals and as a couple. You two are going to be so blessed in your marriage and I will never forget being a part of it :) Love you, my sister!


  1. How lovely! Your friend's wedding dress is so gorgeous and different, I love it!

    1. Isn't it?? I loved it too. It's very unusual but if you knew her, it's definitely her style! Thanks for the comment-- really enjoying looking through your travel adventures!