a song mystery that drove me crazy...

There has been this song floating around on commercials for "The Best of Me" and it was driving me crazy until this week. I knew it was a Maroon 5 song but I couldn't figure out which one. So I figured the only solution was to listen to their latest album in its entirety.

BINGO! It's called "My Heart is Open". And it features Gwen Stefani (a match made in The Voice heaven, no doubt. Haha-- No Doubt. See what I did there?!). Check out the song, is what I'm really trying to say.

Anyway! Now that the mystery is solved, here's what I've been up to. A million hours of training for the new job, a Saturday spent watching 8+ hours of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I wish I was kidding. You think I am... I'm not. Hey, I cleaned my room and the house first, okay? I earned it. And sometimes you just need to re-live Rory's early years. (Box of shoplifted cornstarch, anyone?)

And lastly, sorry for the posting hiatus once again. I'm training all day at work and there just aren't enough hours in the day! When my schedule adjusts back to normal, you better believe I'll be blowing up your feed. :) Until then!

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