music monday :: cloud control

You all thought I was going to say T. Swift, didn't you? ;)

The fact is that I have a case of the Mondays. A severe case... I came to work to find that my cute lunch bag had been thrown out over the weekend when someone cleaned out the refrigerator. Who throws out a perfectly good and innocent, pink and black houndstooth patterned lunch bag?! They also threw out my brand new coffee creamer that I bought last week and had labeled "DO NOT THROW OUT." Not a very good start to the work week, but music makes me forget such things.

It's been a busy day, so I don't have a review of Taylor's new album. But I have been playing a certain song by Cloud Control on repeat lately, and I wanted to share. These Australian rockers are great-- their lyrics stick out to me like a sore thumb, they have a unique vibe and a generous dose of talent in their music making. And when something like them gets stuck in my head, well... it just means they are worthy of a Music Monday post :)

"Just For Now" is the song I've got playing on repeat, but their 2013 album is just as good! 

Here's hoping they chase away your Monday blues!

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