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∆  getting monthly massages and feeling more relaxed.
∆  sleeping in a bit for my new job and feeling rested.
∆  enjoying getting to know my coworkers and already feeling like family.
∆  making the best vegan chili for fall! (literally everyone loves this recipe, even meat eaters.)
∆  wearing mocs & sweaters.
∆  singing as loudly as possible in the car, windows down.
∆  laughing with my roommate. it's the best. we're the best.
∆  missing my puppy a bit. does anyone really get over the death of their baby?
∆  eating a caramel apple lollipop every single day. we just ran out, so that could be a problem...
∆  re-watching all seasons of LOST. it's 12598 times more intense the second time around!
∆  eating rosemary bread from Wegman's.
∆  sleeping in all my blankets with a chill in the house. yay october!
∆  dreaming up ways to decorate my new cubicle at work. pinterest is helping...
∆  wanting to spend some time with my best friend. we're both too busy.
∆  taking life day by day and trying not to get too ahead of myself.
∆  obsessing over Inkjoy pens.
∆  trying to get back into the music writing spirit, but not much is happening.
∆  happily watching new episodes of New Girl, The Mindy Project, and Parenthood.
∆  taking walks and watching the leaves change.
∆  simply being.

what have you been up to?

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