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I've been listening to Dave since I was in college, and just saw him last week at The Hamilton Live in DC. (Marylanders... if you've never been there, it's like the Rams Head Annapolis of DC!) It was a really special show... very stripped down and acoustic, with just a guy on keys (Gabe Dixon, also the opener), and a dude on guitar that he borrowed from Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors. That's the best part about going to a show like Dave's... he keeps it in the music family. I absolutely love when artists share their bands with each other! They keep spreading the talent around and it's wonderful.

One of my favorite things about seeing Dave is always his comedic nature. This guy is hilarious. He cracks jokes, tells funny stories, and has the whole room cracking up by the end of the set. It's like getting a comedy routine and music for the price of one! If you ever get a chance to see him, I guarantee you'll enjoy that part.

Now about the music: Dave is an acoustic type of guy. Since his older albums, he's added in other elements, but still stays true to just him and a guitar for a lot of performances. He is a solid writer and a lot of his songs from back in the day still speak to me. I love watching him play because you can clearly see how much he enjoys it, and how much he enjoys his fellow musicians. There were a couple times during his show at The Hamilton where he was in the middle of talking and Gabe was playing a riff, and he just had to stop and say, "I'm sorry, I got distracted because that sounded so good." Love that! More than anything, I always feel like Dave is super appreciative of what he has and what he gets to do.

My favorite from a long time ago.
A beautiful one.
In case you didn't know... Dave Barnes wrote God Gave Me You. I will always love his version more than Blake Shelton's. He tells a funny story at his shows about how that song covered by Blake was featured on the Today Show and he watched it in a hotel breakfast bar. He asked some lady if she liked the song and she said "No, not really." hahaha :)
Go fill your day with some Dave, and stop back tomorrow for an exciting Talk post! It's one you won't want to miss!

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