throwback thursday :: that time i was obsessed with a boy band

Okay. Any now-twentysomething girl had a boy band crush back in the day, right? You really only had three choices: BSB, *NSync, or 98°. (Let's actually just forget about that last one.)

When middle school rolled around, my friends and I had a field day with our boy band obsession. I'm talking posters in lockers. Bedrooms wallpapered in teen magazine pages. Baking a cake to celebrate each band member's birthday at lunchtime. (I'm sorry, is that not normal?) We even designated which of us got to "date" certain boys in the band. You can tell that we were not super popular. I'm also not sure why I'm making a choice to confess this to the internet right now.

Anyway, this is what all the hype was about:
[all images via google]
How could we resist those tinted glasses and the bleached hair?! Impossible, I tell you! I made my poor father take me and my best friend to see them twice for my birthdays. I feel like I might still owe him for life.

Oh good Lord, my eyes! 14 year old me liked this?!

Things got better as time went on... except for everyone's hair. And their "model faces." Yikes.

I'm happy that Justin still has a successful career, though. Awesome music, movies, SNL... good job, love of my middle school life! However... the rest of them have fallen off the face of the earth. Except for reuniting at the VMA's for all of three minutes.

To end, I'll just leave you with this gem:



  1. Yup, I was a huge *NSYNC fan too. 3 concerts, posters all over my bedroom walls... sigh. JT was my favorite.

    1. We would have been good friends, Jenn :) Thanks for your comment!