what they wore :: lorde

This seventeen-year-old isn't rising to the top just because of her singing... girl's got style! Today I wanted to take a look at how someone of her age and (now) fame gets dressed. She definitely dresses beyond her years, and she's a great example of what teenage fashion should look like. If only the rest of the world's kids would realize this is the real version of "sexy" they should be embracing:

that hair! L O V E.

the queen of prints.

casual, yet making a statement. 

dressy meets grunge without going overboard.

and classic everyday. <3
[all images via weheartit]
I can't admire Lorde enough for what she puts on her body... as her fame undoubtedly grows (well deserved, I might add), I just hope that she doesn't lose the amazing sense of self and class that you can see through what she wears. If you haven't heard her new album, it's definitely worth a listen! I have a feeling she'll just get better and better :) Here's a taste for you, enjoy!

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