music monday :: HAIM

On Friday I posted some of my favorites for the week, and this video was on there:

Today, I'm introducing you to HAIM! Now, I love a good girl band. As a female musician, I'm all about it. It's even better if they are all related (like Eisley, one of the best sisterly bands out there). The band is made up of Alana, Este, and Danielle Haim. I had a chance to see them when they were an opener at a show I went to over the summer. I immediately fell in love with their unique sound.

These chicks are most like indie pop 80's kids to me. They are the coolest... their sound is really different and so interesting. They string words together in such weird patterns and structure their rhythms in a strange but awesome way. And they have so much talent among the three of them... from guitar to bass to drums, these girls do it all. They are also talented writers... I like their style and the lyrics they come up with. One of my favorite lines is from their song Falling: "When it gets rough, it's time to get rough." That's how I feel... when life gets crazy and hard to deal with you just have to face it and conquer it.

Give HAIM a listen today! If you make it to a show, enjoy Este's "bass face." (Google it!)

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