friday favorites :: pics and links and things, oh my!

Happy day after Halloween, friends! Hope you all had a good night full of candy & more candy. I know I did (total sugar high). Today I'm posting some of my favorite things from the week... so look, read, and enjoy!

 1. These halloween nails! (via weheartit)
2. This link on being a girl in the middle of things. Love Danielle's perspective.

3. This vegan chili. It's SO GOOD. I made it for a dinner with friends this week and even the guys who are total meat lovers said they really liked it. Plus it's good for you! (FYI - I'm not a vegan, I'm just in love with this chili which happens to be vegan by coincidence.)

4. The makeup I use. It's all made from minerals and no chemicals. I started using it after the liquid foundation I previously used made me break out all the time. This is so much better on my skin! And it looks way less heavy.

5. There are no words. If only I had the guts to do this. (via weheartit)
6. Rubyellen's oh-so-sweet Halloween picture story with her kiddos! They're the cutest.
7. I read this Tumblr every single day. Cracks me up! I say most of these things from time to time in my head (no offense married friends, I love you all)!
8. This show and this show are coming up on my radar! Can't wait to hear all this good music. Watch for blog posts about them!

9. We all know I'm a sucker for a glittery guitar. (via weheartit)

10. Trying to remember this. My heart runs wild sometimes, that's for sure. (viaweheartit)
Have a great weekend kids!

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