what they wore :: eisley

This is basically a combination of a throwback and and WTW! Eisley has been around for a long time, and they're so unique in that they are sisters and a well-received girl band. (That's a hard status to achieve, in case you didn't know!) I think one of the best parts about being in a band like their's would be sharing clothes and styling each other... how fun?! That's how I always picture these awesome ladies... dressing each other up for shows and loving life. They all have their own personal style to bring to the table!

[all photos via weheartit]

These girls (and the guys!) are such a fun mash-up of whimsical and classic. From gorgeous dresses to fun tights to pink hair to t-shirts, they wear it all. If I was an Eisley sister I'd be borrowing all the time, just sayin' :) And as usual: if you've never heard these girls before, please go listen! They have an incredibly different sound and voices to die for (harmony heaven!).

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