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It's rare that I meet people who tell me that music doesn't mean a lot to them. But once in a blue moon, I come across someone that says they don't listen to music that much, or don't have any favorite bands. As someone who can't imagine a world without music, and often says she'd rather be blind than go deaf, I think it's kind of funny.

My friends will be the first to tell you that I loooove emotional music. Music that has a sense of purpose, or sadness, or happiness, or comfort. Songs and lyrics that define a certain moment in your life. Albums that speak to you for months. There's something about that kind of connection that is so special.

So in honor of finding the meaning in music, I wanted to post some songs that have really meant something to me.

1. Sara Smile - Hall & Oates

I was named after this song, or so my mom claims. My dad says he knows nothing about it :) But I like to think that I am even if I'm not, because it's a special thing for me. (Even if Sarah is spelled wrong.)

2. The Scientist - Coldplay

I know, I know... everyone loves this song. But I love to play my version of it on guitar and sing these lyrics. It's a song I go to when I want to sing something haunting yet lovely.

3. Hold Nothing Back - Copeland

See this post. This band and this song means so much to my heart.

4. So, In This Hour - The Rocket Summer

Specifically this version of the song (the other one is on another of his albums). This song speaks so much to me about my faith and what I put my trust in. And how I feel about God in general. When I used to go on 6-mile runs (a looong time ago), I would listen to this.

5. Gravity - Sara Bareilles

I'm human. I've gone through a bit of heartbreak. And this song leads me through it. At the time, it said everything I felt and wanted to say. It's still one of my favorite songs regardless of the topic. She just does a beautiful job with it.

Of course there are more that I love, but five is enough for now. If you read this post, I'd love to hear what songs are most meaningful to you! Music has such a big presence in this world, and I'm happy it's one of the rare things that gives (almost) all of us something in common. Sound off in the comments! :)

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