babies & tattoos

Last night, Instagram told me that my good friend (basically sister) Amanda had her third baby-- a gorgeous baby boy with the most amazing name. Welcome to the world, James Remington! (Doesn't he sound like a rock star?) I can't wait to hold this little guy and see how his two sisters interact with him. And congrats to Amanda's husband Dustin for finally getting a boy ;)

In other news... I've been a tiny bit obsessed with watercolor tattoos lately. Seriously, aren't these beautiful? Even tattoo haters can't deny that these are pretty. I may have to get my fix soon. Believe it or not, a lot of the best artists for these are not where I live... shocking, I know. And while the last image isn't watercolor, it's one of my favorites on Katie Shelton.

above images via google


So, yeah. Babies and tattoos on the brain this morning. Not a bad thing!

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