shark week!

You guys, I have a thing about Shark Week. On one hand, it scares me. I text my best friend without fail every year when it's on to tell her I'm afraid and I want to snuggle with her dog. On the other hand, I LOVE IT. Sharks are such cool creatures, and despite the fact that they kill people sometimes (oops), I think it's important to learn more about them. Plus, they're pretty badass.

image via google

Anyway. The reason why I brought up Shark Week is because my roommate's work building flooded slightly, and someone did this:

Photoshop for the win! I think it's HILARIOUS. I almost wish there had been an actual shark in there.

And to end this, a video that explains what the first photo is about. This was an obsession among my friends in college... you're welcome! (This is the full version, but you should just stop at about 6:49. After the song, which is really the best part.)

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