unexpected morning fun...

Today I woke up to someone ringing the doorbell. These dudes came to the house to clean out the air vents. They were perfectly nice but told my roommate (the homeowner) that we have dust and mold and other crappy things inside our ducts. Obviously we want to get rid of that. But Laura had plans and this will take a while, so here I sit, staring at ladders and listening to giant vacuums suck the life out of our basement:

One of the weirdest things is not knowing what to do with oneself while this is going on. It's loud, so I can't watch TV. I'd like to shower, but I don't want to be absent if the dudes have a question. I also don't want to go upstairs and they'll have to hunt for me. So, blogging wins!

Let's talk about more fun things! Last night I went to the O's game with my best friend. She works night shift in a hospital so I don't get to see her as often as I would like-- it was a treat! We had so much fun. We kept trying to make it on the big screen and entered all the social media contests hoping we would win. And we did! We entered the contest to have free food delivered to our seats. We saw one girl win on the big screen, so we thought it was over. We cut our losses and Alicia went to get us fries. But as she was gone, an Orioles employee came to our seats and told me we had won! Alicia came back with fries just as he went to get our free ones :) Horrible timing, but we loved those crab fries and gave the ones we had bought to a homeless guy after the game.

And because you guys know how much I love my puphew, Ripken, here he is watching Alicia's husband go off to work. He always watches them leave and it's half heartbreaking and half adorable.

I probably won't post over Labor Day weekend because I have about a million things going on: dinner at a friend's tonight, breakfast with a friend tomorrow, hanging out with a friend tomorrow afternoon, party at Alicia's tomorrow night, a friend's birthday on Sunday, and visiting with a long lost friend who is coming home from San Francisco on Monday. Yay for being social!

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