give me all the caffeine...

Hi, hi, hi. Let's all just be really glad it's Thursday, okay? I know I am. I'm feeling a bit Carrie Bradshaw this morning-- sitting in bed drinking the world's strongest cup of coffee (that was half accidental), typing away on my laptop. The only thing missing is my morning cigarette, which has never been a thing in my life at all. Carrie will always be the coolest smoker, FYI.

This week has had its challenges. My work had to transfer me to a new project because the old one is shutting down. The good news is that I am getting transferred with my coworker Nick, who I adore. He's just the best person to work with and we make a good team. The bad news is that we have to drive 40 minutes away for the new job. The super good news is that we even have jobs, because as of today, we would probably be laid off. I'll take staying employed, thank you very much. I will say that I've loved having a break from getting up at 6 AM this whole week. 8 AM feels so much better.

So instead of working, here's what I've been up to!

After sitting in the house for a few days, I got dressed up for dinner with the girls. The curled ponytail worked out much better than I expected-- I'd never tried it before. Of course, after posting a photo to Instagram, I got texts asking me if I was going out on a date. YES! I had a hot date with a lobster grilled cheese and a pomegranate martini.

My best friend and her husband built a fire pit in their backyard recently (they are such DIY-ers), and we made the BEST grilled cheese with the campfire sandwich maker thing. So good.

My puphew Ripken (or Mad Eye Moody, in this case) hung out with us by the fire! No, the picture isn't sideways... Alicia was holding him and as per usual, he flopped over. This is a rare instance where his tongue isn't hanging out the side of his mouth like a goof. I love him so.

These moments are keeping me sane... there is so much work related stress in my life right now, and I welcome these distractions. I'm looking forward to the long Labor Day weekend before I have to start the new work assignment. Hope you guys have fabulous plans!

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