oh hey, friday.

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I am getting ready for a job interview at 9:30, and I have to say, I am ready for this process to be O V E R. I have been interviewing a lot which is great to gain interview experience, but I just want a new job already! Do I still have a job? Yes. Will I still have that job in October? No one knows. All I want out of life is stability and a place to work that I enjoy. I will never be able to function as one of those people who gets a job and doesn't like it, but stays there for 30 years because "it's a job." I want my life to be more fulfilling than that! I want to have fun with my coworkers and do work that I care about. I have tasted bits and pieces of this over the years, but nothing all in one place. Maybe it doesn't exist. But the more I can try to stretch myself and expand my horizon, I will. All I know is, if I'm unhappy where I'm working, I can't stay there. Absolutely cannot.

So, cheers to Friday and (hopefully) a positive interview. Crossing my fingers that this is the one! (PS - isn't that office space gorgeous?? Where can I get that job? haha)

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