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Have you guys heard about Dollar Shave Club? I first became aware of it when my Facebook friends kept liking their page. In the beginning I thought it was only for dudes, but a couple of my female friends have paid attention to it as well! After looking into it, I really liked their ideas and the concept of their brand. The premise of DSC is to give you great quality razors at a low price, delivered to your door. While I was skeptical about some hidden fee that actually makes it way more expensive than buying razors at your local Target, I found that they really do attempt to lower costs. All you have to do is select a razor, pay a low monthly fee ($1, $6, or $9 depending on the blade you choose), and they get sent to you! Sounds pretty great to me!

DSC's big thing is "we pride ourselves on helping people NOT have to 'squeeze' too much use out of their razors by providing great razors that are shipped right to your door for as low as a buck a month." In honor of this concept, I wanted to share some of the best and worst things to "squeeze the most out of":

Good things to squeeze the most out of:
- Toothpaste tubes. My roommate makes fun of me because the tube looks so flat and empty by the end... but I am always convinced there's some left!
- Your dog. I mean, gently. But dogs are great for cuddling, duh!
- Stress balls. Obviously. Work can get stressful. So can life. Get yourself a stress ball, stat!
- Oranges, lemons and limes. Juicing is a craze, but it's a good one.
- Your wet hair. Ladies, have you heard of the whole thing about using a t-shirt to dry your hair instead of a towel to prevent frizz? And that you should wring it out by squeezing instead of rubbing your head? Give it a try!

Bad things to squeeze the most out of:
- Babies. Well, you could do it gently, like your dog. But they generally don't like being tightly squeezed!
- Balloons. I can't even tell you the amount of terror I feel when a balloon pops. This happened to me recently when I was holding one. I'm still traumatized.
- Those plastic packages of brownie mix. I always think I can squeeze them open by popping the air out of them. You know where that gets you? Brownie mix all over your clean kitchen.
- People's hands. It hurts. And will prevent people from being your friend.
- Your bank account, of course. You don't want that dollar amount to say $0, do you?! (Which is why you should join Dollar Shave Club and save!!)

DSC also makes a great gift-- you could give a membership to a friend or family member for any birthday or holiday! Side note: I'm also thinking about using this shave butter on my legs. I bet it feels amazing. If you're looking for a way to save money and still use a high quality product, take a few minutes to check out Dollar Shave Club and give it a try!

** this post was not compensated and all opinions are my own.

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