recap :: audrey assad show

I spent last night at a tiny theater in Leesburg, VA seeing Audrey Assad's farewell show. She starting a new project called LEVV and will not be playing any of her old music from here on out. As sad as that is, I am excited to see what else she comes up with. Her music has been a huge influence on me, especially in the past few months of struggling to find employment and being stressed out constantly. Her voice, piano skills and lyrics have made me feel better on more than one occasion.

Not going to lie, I kind of fell in love with her bass player. My roommate makes fun of me all the time because at every single show that I go to, I pick out a new guy to love. It's no secret that I'm drawn to musicians! ;)

And because it was a late night, we needed sugar on the way home. Bring on the milkshakes! (And if it's past 1 AM, chicken nuggets are tradition. Just FYI.)

Life updates are coming this week, by the way... I have good news and a lot happening. Can't wait to share with you :)

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