weekend recap :: ed sheeran

This past weekend was a busy but fun one. I had bought Ed Sheeran tickets at Merriweather for my friend Brooke's birthday a couple of months ago. Not only do I love his latest album, he is an extreme talent. There are not many people that can play a huge show with only themselves, a guitar, and looping equipment and still be entertaining. 

Brooke and I have a special place in our hearts for Ed because we play "Give Me Love" at open mic nights and really love it. It's a fun song to sing and one that showcases everything he can do. Brooke took a video of the entire song when he performed it and it was eight minutes long, filled with self-harmonizing vocals and looping and guitar drumbeats and insanity.

Another entertainment factor of the evening was the thunderstorm we got caught in. We knew it was going to rain, so we opted for chairs instead of a blanket and brought our umbrellas. Which proved to be pretty ineffective against the sideways rain, wind, and hail. (Yes, HAIL.) It was before the opener, though, so it didn't slow us down! Brooke was making fun of me because I kept saying, "We're doing GREAT!" I was just trying to convince us that we could make it through and prayed the rain would stop. 

Sorry for the crappy quality. Honestly, this is one of the only shows where I didn't take 20+ pictures. I spent it listening and marveling and admiring. Ed is a really accomplished musician and even though a lot of people see him at just a radio hit kind of guy, his new album has some fantastic material and the way he can do every single thing himself as a one man show is pretty amazing to watch. As a musician, I really enjoyed it. I recommend seeing him if you get the chance!

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