throwback thursday :: halloween edition!

I'm starting to think that even though this is primarily a music blog, I'm going to be implenting some lifestyle posts as well. I love reading blogs that share little bits and pieces of real life, so why wouldn't I do the same? (Don't worry, the music isn't going anywhere!)

So... it's HALLOWEEN! Far less thrilling now since I'm an adult and can't go out collecting a year's worth of candy, but still fun nonetheless. Today's throwback is to share with you some of my most post-worthy costumes and Halloween stories.

First up: childhood costumes! For some reason, I was always the kid that wanted to do something obscure and big and bulky for Halloween. Never mind the fact that we drove around our neighborhood with all the kids in the back of a pickup truck and it probably would have been best for me not to take up that much space. Here are my most notable Halloween costumes as a kid (sorry I don't have photo evidence... use your imagination).

1. A sandwich. Why I thought this was cool, I'll never know. I cut out the bread from posterboard and covered it in batting, then spray painted cardboard in shapes to be cheese, lettuce and tomato. Yum.
2. Candy dots. Loved this candy! I will say this was one of my favorites. I had long paper that was draped over both sides of me... we spray painted halves of styrofoam balls and glued them on the paper to be the dots.
3. Grapes. (Why was I obsessed with food?!) Sounds fun in theory... bad in execution. We blew up purple balloons and pinned them all over me. It would have been okay, except for having to sit down in the truck to ride from house to house. Popping ensued.

Now on to adulthood!

I haven't dressed up every year since I grew out of being a kid, but I have a few times for parties and such. Most of my friends will tell you that I refuse to dress up... but sometimes I cave.

1. Part of a group Clue in college:

I'm the super threatening one with the large fake knife. And I have a coffee filter on my head as a maid's hat. WIN.
2. Coworker Halloween a couple years ago:

The most boring costume ever. I definitely half-assed this one... but hello, at 5 AM I'm not thinking about winning best costume. Barca soccer player it is!
3. My favorite... Lady Gaga (lobster version)!

I'm proud of this one, to be honest... I saw Lady G wearing this somewhere and wanted to make it! Confession: my best friend/roommate at the time actually made this for me. She's way crafty. I am not. She cut it out of cardboard and I spray painted it. I think it fit my face pretty well, don't you? :) Plus I was wearing pleather pants. I still have them. I may or may not have worn them out recently.
4. This year! We hosted a Fall-oween party last Friday and I was a cute Native American. My roommate was a princess/ballerina. (Bonus... finding the most awesome pair of Lucky Brand moccasins at Ross for $20 instead of $60!) And I mean... gold glitter war paint. A must-have.

A couple more for good measure (my bf is Juno... her husband was Paulie Bleeker).

Awkward dance moves with Larissa! The best.

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