currently :: 003

× watching the new T. Swift video and wondering if she really feels that destructive at the end of her relationships.

× making this delicious breakfast for the week (c/o my old roommate!):

× dreading the cold weather... if I were in Minnesota right now, I would jet plane myself right out of there.

× feeling sad that all the pumpkins are rotting and falling apart on my porch. on the bright side... there have been discussions about when our house will be getting our Christmas tree!

× my own soreness woke me up at 3 AM today... apparently falling asleep on your arm isn't as comfortable as one would think.

× does anyone else feel insanely unmotivated to leave the house after it's dark outside?

× thinking often about both friends who are having babies and friends who are struggling to have babies. it's not always as easy as we think it will be, I'm learning. (prayers to all of you!)

× super jealous of anyone who gets to honeymoon in Spain... I'm looking at you, Jude! oh, to go back to 2006 and be in Barcelona again....

× thank you to veterans... young or old, active or retired, fighting on front lines or sitting at a desk, you all matter and are crucial to our country! enjoy your day :)

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